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Question 1 of 4: Who founded Google?

Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Larry Page

Question 2 of 4: In which year was Google Founded?

1998 2012 2014

Question 3 of 4: Where is the headquarters of Google?

USA England Russia

Question 4 of 4: Which service is from Google?

Facebook Youtube Twitter

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Anna Sarah
Mine just arrived today. Thanks for the iphonexsmax !!!
at 10:54pm

Frank Miller
I'm not sure why people are bothering with the iPhone contest, it's basically impossible to win. The Galaxy S9 is much easier to get
at 16:18pm

Thomas Cook
I'm not an avid gamer, but I've just choosen the PS4! Why not?! LOL
at 4:59am

Kristen Stock
Damn, I wanted the PS4! Its out of stock !!!!! but free better than nothing, I still got my Samsung S9 yesterday... XOXO
at 3:33am

Joyce Kent
This quiz was too easy, I do hope I'll get my tesco voucher
at 1:02am

Lexi Benz
Had seen this contest once and I ignored it because I thought it was a hoax. I saw this ad again and decided to try it since I was bored ... Actually I got my Samsung S9 too! What INSANITY!
at 2:34am

Joshua Brown
Thanks ,i gave my dog the iPhoneXsmax as her birthday gift. Lol jk its for me :D :D :D God Blessed.
at 11:01am

Julia Meyer
Fantastic! I've never won anything before, but I hope I will be as lucky!!
at 3:45pm